Corporate Services

Company Formation & Structuring

Whether you are setting up a brick and mortar operation or an online business, Aequitas is well positioned to give you all the assistance you require to start a business in Malta and benefit from the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU. Our experienced team of lawyers and business support professionals have been trained to look at the unique circumstances of your business, taking into account commercial objectives whilst giving you advice on corporate and tax structures in line with the relevant regulations and laws. Aequitas Legal is also set up to provide strategic advice to ensure you are well positioned and are able to take advantage of the best possible start.

By offering legal and accounting advice in tandem with company administration we routinely deliver a seamless business service that eliminates unnecessary costs and maximises value and efficiency.

We are able to form companies in a variety of jurisdictions including Malta, Cyprus and the UK amongst others through our network of correspondent offices. Our company formation service is highly streamlined with Maltese companies taking only two working days to form from receipt of fees and completion of due diligence processes.

Registration of an overseas company

It is possible to register a foreign company either as a company that is managed and controlled in Malta or as a branch of an overseas company. This allows foreign companies to make the best use of Malta’s excellent network of tax treaties, tax system, reputation and membership of the VAT system.

Re-domiciliation of companies

For companies already incorporated in another jurisdiction it is usually possible to migrate said company to Malta without having to wind up the existing company. In line with the Companies Act, the company may simply move its domicile to Malta, retain its existing structure and avoid the administration and expense of liquidating and re-incorporating.

To help smoothen the process further, Aequitas Legal is able to offer comprehensive business-support services designed to take care of every aspect of your corporate and back office administration needs, enabling you to focus on the growth of your business.

Provision of registered office and secretarial support

Aequitas can provide registered office and correspondence addresses to client companies and business incubation units are also available for start-up companies. Secretarial support, such as guidance on local legal requirements and the preparation of annual returns and other documents, can also be provided.

Provision of Management

As specialists in the provision of local management to Maltese and foreign companies we are in a position to appoint local directors and company secretaries and provide on-going management to client companies. Our expertise includes all aspects of the day-to-day management of Maltese companies.

Provision of nominee shareholders and trustee services

Aequitas Trust and Fiduciary Limited is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority to provide nominee shareholders as well as a range of discretionary trustee services, including the formation of private trust companies and the administration of private and public foundations and charities.

Virtual Office

Aequitas Management is in a position to provide local phone numbers (both diverted at exchange and answered locally), assistance with hosting ‘’ websites and email hosting, and other virtual office services.

Payroll, Accounts, Audit

We can effect introductions to experts which whom we work regularly in the areas of payroll, accounts & audit and personal and corporate tax returns with whom we have negotiated preferential rates.

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